What is Ciano?

Ciano is a desktop multimedia conversion application responsible for converting videos, music and images. Originally created to provide the best possible experience in the elementary operating system, Ciano makes use of the largest conversion tools: FFmpeg and ImageMagick

More information about elementary OS here.
More information about FFmpeg here.
More information about ImageMagick here.


Without the FFmpeg and ImageMagick installed, Ciano does not work.

The Ciano also acts as a frontend for FFmpeg and ImageMagick which means it needs a working FFmpeg and ImageMagick binary. Without this binary file, Ciano features aren't doing anything.

Why do we not distribute a FFmpeg and ImageMagick binary?

When installing Ciano .deb, it will check for dependency with the FFmpeg and ImageMagick binary. If the binary does not exist, it will be installed automatically. No FFmpeg and ImageMagick binary is included in our code to comply with the laws and licenses of both tools, which may vary from country to country.

More information about the FFmpeg license   here.

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